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Christian Crumlish

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My name is Christian, but you can spell it Xian (or even xian, which looks better to my eye). I’m a product person, team leader & music lover.

I consult on Product & UX leadership at Design in Product.

Most recently, I've been working on for the state of California's office of digital innovation, and last year I built a product team at the PathCheck Foundation. I was Head of Product at 7 Cups, Director of Product & UX at CloudOn (acquired by Dropbox in 2015), Director of Product for AIM, & curator of the Yahoo design pattern library.

Write me or say hello at:

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I speak at User Experience & Product Development conferences & facilitate workshops for leaders that struggle with how their UX & Product teams should be structured or relate.

Be in touch to check my availability or schedule me for your team or event.

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I like to write about UX, product, team building, and remote collaboration. I'm the author of The Power of Many (Wiley), co-author of Designing Social Interfaces (O’Reilly), & I’m currently writing Growing Product People (Sense & Respond), and Product Management for UX Designers (Rosenfeld).

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When I’m not consulting, writing, or speaking, I’m either playing or writing songs on my ukulele. I believe music is one of the fundamental universal languages and both a channel for, and model of, understanding and sympathy among people making something meaningful together in harmony. I've presented on the "secrets" of the pentatonic scales and how to design for play drawing on music among other sources for these insights, but really it's just my happy place.